Electric Pee ︎︎︎ AfroReggae
Agency ︎︎︎ JWT

Role ︎︎︎ Creative Art Director

Carnival is the biggest party of the year in Rio. But even Carnival has its problems: crowding leads to littering and civilians relieving themselves all over the city.

To give a reason to relieve at the right place we developed urinals that work like hydroelectric power plants: the flow of urine rotates a dynamo generating energy. The energy powered AfroReggae’s Carnival Truck.

Our project was news in all major tv channels In Brazil and in all major websites and blogs as well. Social media was buzzing with Eletric Pee all carnival, with millions of mentions. And lastly the number of people arrested for public urination this year dropped by 16%.

Recognition ︎︎︎ Cannes Lions, El Ojo de Iberoamérica, Wave Festival