Impossible Farmers Market ︎︎︎ Toyota
Agency ︎︎︎ Conill Saatchi & Saatchi

Role ︎︎︎ Creative Art Director

To reveal the completely renovated All-New Tundra after ten years of no significant improvements—we wanted farmers and workers to feel first-hand its extraordinary towing and hauling capabilities. But truck drivers are very demanding and skeptical, so we needed to do something big and prove to our target that this truck was made to enhance their work, and we did. We brought something only an extraordinary truck could do: The Impossible Farmers Market.

The largest collection of giant produce ever displayed in America. The exhibition held 2,000lb pumpkins, 600lb squashes, 300lb watermelons, and more of the biggest fruits and vegetables ever grown in the US. All brought in from the farms to the city in a single journey by the powerful all-new Tundra. The exhibition caused a big buzz in the community and online, proving once and for all how Tundra’s power and towing capabilities can make the impossible possible.